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The Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible (NKJV) by Max Lucado


The Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible (NKJV)
by John MacArthur

In the past, I have never owned a very good study Bible. However, I think The Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible might have just changed that. My parents have always been big fans of Max Lucado, and though I’ve never read any of his books, this study Bible piqued my interest.

I have to say that am pleased with The Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible. For starters, the overall layout of the Bible is very appealing to the eye. The font size is neither too small to strain the eye, nor so big that it looks obnoxious. Each book starts out with an introduction that contains many bits of information. It starts off with a small piece of text—either a small scenario to consider or just a few sentences and a question, all correlated to the topics covered in the chapters. There is also a section about the author (or authors, or anonymous authors!) of the book, as well as the main themes and a condensed table of contents.

On the margins of this Bible are lessons that pertain to a section of scripture within the current book. These lessons contain a small “devotional” that pertains to the scripture, as well as some further readings elsewhere in the Bible if one wishes to dig deeper. All of these lessons are laid out in the front of the Bible in a two-year plan to read and study the entirety of God’s Word. Also, scattered throughout this Bible, there are some themed lessons that take up a single page. These are more focused on specific themes (such as Grief, Vengeance, Peace, etc.), and give you a “study guide” to really dig in to their importance.

There are other features of this Bible that I enjoy. For instance, there is a Devotional Index, which is in the front of the Bible instead of the back—a “plus” in my opinion, so I can flip the Bible open and immediately start searching for a topic I need instead of digging through the back. And speaking of the back, the Index of this Bible is very nice. It includes a small section called “He Did This Just For You Verses,” which contains a list of topics and verses evidencing how great God’s love is for us and how He cares for us in every situation. Following that section, one of my favorite parts is the “New Believer Studies.” This section is a few pages long and contains a 30-day study devotional for new believers in Christ who want to learn more about God, Jesus, prayer, facing temptation, and all of the other topics that new Christians are curious or confused about.

All in all, I find this to be a fabulous study Bible. Max Lucado did an excellent job shaping this Bible into something that all ages and all maturities can utilize. There are many, many more features in this Bible--too many to list without making this review lengthy--that add to its usefulness in studying God’s Word. Naturally, the Bible is the number one book on my reading list, and I will always give it ten stars out of five. However, my review is judging Max Lucado’s crafting of the study guides and devotions this Bible offers. But even in that aspect, I must say, Lucado still gets top marks. He did a marvelous job.

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