Saturday, October 30, 2010

Basic FAQs

Q: How did you find out about BookSneeze?

A: A friend at college mentioned it to me at lunch one day. I decided to look into it, and it seemed like a fabulous idea!

Q: How long have you been reading?

A: Since I was very little. My parents read to me a lot when I was a child, so I grew to love it. I was one of the first children in my elementary school class to learn to read because I enjoyed it so much.

Q: Why are you an English major?

A: Obviously, reading plays a lot into it. But also, I enjoy writing. I've been writing little stories all throughout my teenage life. I may not be too great, but I do enjoy it very much! I'm a bit of a grammar nut too, because bad spelling or grammar sends me into a tizzy. I hope to one day be an editor for a publishing company, so that I can do what I love most--read--and help authors improve their work in the process.

Q: And... A Chinese minor?

A: Yes! I enjoy foreign languages. My first semester at North Georgia College & State University was in the summer, and it was for a special program: The Summer Language Institute. From June 21st until July 30th, I was totally immersed in Chinese so that I could learn both the 1001 and 1002 courses in that single semester. I fell in love with the language, and decided that I want pursue it further!

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