Saturday, April 30, 2011

Curiosities of the Civil War by Webb Garrison


Curiosities of the Civil War:
Strange Stories, Infamous Characters and Bizarre Events

by Webb Garrison

I have always been a fan of interesting war facts. I wouldn’t call myself a war enthusiast, but I do find them interesting. That’s why I thought that Webb Garrison’s Curiosities of the Civil War would be an interesting read. After reading the book, I have decided that I will always have a mixed opinion about it.

I had assumed, from the title, that this book would have bizarre and interesting facts that would make me say, “Wow!” But that was not the impression I took away from Curiosities of the Civil War. Some of the facts weren’t incredible or amazing—they were just bland and somewhat interesting. I assume that a true war buff would find all of these facts and stories interesting. They might recognize names that most normal people like me wouldn’t, and be able to identify better with the stories. There was only one section with the truly “bizarre” and “strange” facts I was looking for.

However, the format of this book is extremely pleasing. It could be a great reference book, because it’s so easy to flip to specific section and topic you want. It’s simple to glance over a few topics while drinking your coffee and not feel so engrossed that you can’t put it down and continue with your daily routine. For some, that is exactly what they want in a book. For others, they may want for a more captivating read, considering the topic.

All in all, I think the quality of this book truly depends on who is reading it. A fanatic for the stories of wars would find this book incredibly interesting, I believe, and enjoy it immensely. However, a normal, everyday person would probably find this to be a fairly bland read, with names they’ve never heard of and facts that don’t really seem relevant. I, myself, found it to be a mediocre read. It was nothing like what I was expecting considering the title. Not bad, but not good. It was just “okay.”

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