Sunday, October 31, 2010

Website: Shelfari


Shelfari is a website where avid readers come together. You can search for all the books you've read, are currently reading, or want to read, and add them to your own virtual "bookshelf!"

Readers can give the books a star rating and write reviews on books they've read. With books they own, there is a page to list the version, how it was obtained, and any other note about it. Users can also create a "wishlist" of books they hope to read in the future.

Shelfari is a community-based website that allows users the virtual hands-on involvement with information about books. On the novel's information page, users are allowed to submit a summary (short or long) about the book, detail the cast, explain the symbolism, and even give it a "parental rating." The users can also post their input on the authors' pages--their birth year, death year, nationality, biography, etc.

Groups are also available for users to join. These are user-run groups that aim toward certain audiences--the "Harry Potter fan club," for instance, or "National Novel Writers Month 2010." These groups are made for the purpose of bringing readers together over a common thread of interest to create friendships.

Sometimes it's hard to remember what you've read or what you want to read; that's where this website comes in handy. Shelfari is a brilliant way for readers to keep up with their long list of books. It's a wonderful community site to share opinions and information, and I highly recommend it to any big readers out there!

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Image: Screenshot of my personal Shelfari, Cheesy Cynicism.

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